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Straw Bale House Tour

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This Saturday October 2nd is the Second Annual Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition Straw House Tour. We missed last year because Gil had just been born, so we're excited to be taking part this time. The Tour runs from 10am to 4pm, rain or shine. Full details can be found at the OSBBC Tour page.

Peter Mack from Camel's Back Construction, Simon Boone and/or J.P. Pawlins from Generation Solar, Paul Dowsett from Scott Morris Architects, and my Mom and Dad, will all be at the house giving tours, answering questions and hopefully having a good time. If you're in the area please drop on by and introduce yourself.

Paudash Lake House

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I returned last night from four days working with the gang from Camel's Back on a house on Paudash Lake, just south of Bancroft. In addition to Pete and Tina, Stephen, Lesley, Ryan and new guy Paul were also out. It's a neat house, most of the wood was cut from the property, and it's built with hemp bales. It's first time that I've worked on a house built with hemp bales. They're a pain in the ass. The hemp doesn't rip, it's bleeding hard to pierce them and they dull any blade. I think I'll stick with regular straw for my next project.

Paudash Lake House

There's a neat/strange story behind the house though. The house was designed to fit on a pre-existing foundation. Imagine that you own some land. An acreage even, and one day you head out for a walk on that land and find the very definate beginnings of a house being built, on your property. That is what happened to the people Regis bought her land from. It seems that several brothers owned the land next door, and one of them decided to build himself a house. So he put in a foundation, a well, and a septic system. Apparently the brother didn't have an accurate survey (or perhaps any survey at all). When this geographical faux-pas was brought to his attention his reaction was ... litigation - even after the actual owners offered to sell him the land at a very good price, even though he had already sunk so much money and effort into the property. He lost and Regis bought a piece of land with a foundation, a well, and a septic system. It's a very nice piece of land with towering spruce trees and a view of the land to the east. The house will be off-grid, but I didn't manage to get the details of the system.

Here are the pictures.

LED Lights

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Inspired (some might say shamed) by the attention from MocoLoco I have built a page devoted to my LED lights.

Included is information on the lights, a bit about how they were designed and built, and in the future info on how you might buy one of these lights, if you were so inclined.

Check Us Out at Talk Energy

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We're the featured story at Talk Energy right now.

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