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No More Comments

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I'm sick of dealing with comment spam so I've turned comments off.

My email link is at the bottom of each page if you want to get in touch.

Congratulations Simon and Mary!

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Welcome to the world Aurora Maria Saunders Boone.

Born 3:30am Friday March 19th at Peterborough Civic Hospital. Aurora weighed in at 3150 grams (6lbs, 15ounces) and measured 51 cm (20inches).

Congratulations Jay & Karen!

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Welcome to the world Ryan Smith. Born March 13, 2004.

New Gil Picts

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There are new Gil picts up.

Stats - December 2003 - February 2004

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Things definitely improved as we progressed through the winter.

December Stats
Monthly Total: 607.1 AH
Daily Average: 19.5 AH
Best Day: 45.5 AH
Worst Day: .2 AH
Days Below 5 AH: 8

January Stats
Monthly Total: 654.1 AH
Daily Average: 21.1 AH
Best Day: 55.1 AH
Worst Day: 0 AH
Days Below 5 AH: 8

February Stats
Monthly Total: 868.8 AH
Daily Average: 31 AH
Best Day: 63.1 AH
Worst Day: 0 AH
Days Below 5 AH: 3

This doesn't take into account the power from the wind generator. I still don't have any method of measuring the output of the H80 over time. I can state that we have been generating much more power from the wind generator, we've had several days where I am certain that we made more than 100 AH from wind.

Pre-Spring Thaw

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We've had our first hit of warm weather and the driveway is a mess. If you do not have 4-wheel drive you cannot come and visit. The propane guys tried to come in yesterday, unannounced, I'd have warned them off, and judging by the gouges in the driveway he's lucky he got back out. I don't even know how he got in as far as he did, which was only about 100 metres. The benefit is that the worst has passed, most of the snow is off the fields and it can only get better.

On that note I'm also pleased to report that we managed to get in another two equalizes last week due to a full day of both wind and sun. So over the last six months we've equalized four times, which from what I can gather is pretty darn good.

Fixing the driveway has now jumped right up to the top of the list, since we don't want to relive this mess every year. The only way that I can see doing it is to ditch the north (uphill) side of the drive and drop in two or three culverts. That way the melting snow will pass harmlessly under the driveway rather than over it. Then we need to build up the weak spots with another 6-10 inches of gravel. It's times like these that I'm glad we have our own pit.

Of course none of this can happen until the frost leaves the ground and it is thoroughly dry, which won't be for another couple of months. Another benefit to the ditching strategy is that the top soil removed by ditching can be spread around the house to build up the landscaping, which also needs to be done this year. Don't think we'll be doing any gardening anyway.

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