October 2003 Archives

Fall Colours

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Last week while Joanne was out and about she took some really nice pictures of the land and the fall colours.

I had planned to post them, but then I got sort of sidetracked...

So here they are, if you look in the third picture you can see the wild turkeys back out in the field.

I'm running out of space for this web site so I'm moving a bunch of the photos in the archives over to another server, so if you notice any broken links in the archives please let me know.

The Obligatory Baby Picture

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The Obligatory Birth Announcement

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He's a week early, but Gil Hunter was born October 18, 2003 at 6:20pm. He's 7lbs 4oz, 21" long. Everyone is healthy and happy.

Shelves & Ends

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The shelves are up and my Mom is currently applying a coat of urethane - she likes painting but hates sanding, I don't mind sanding but hate painting, we're a good team. This afternoon we'll slide (ha! - they're huge and heavy) them into place and start laying in the books! We're leaving the backers as wood for now, but I want to replace it with 1/8" translucent polycarbonate sheets. These look like sandblasted glass but are actually cast in place with the texture. They allow light through but only show the faintest of silhouettes. At night they should have a gourgeous glow from the bedroom lights. The drawback? $102.50 per sheet and I need 5 sheets.

Here's some pictures, including close-ups (by request) of the kitchen handles.

Kitchen & Closet

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With Joanne due in less than three weeks the house has once again been the focus of frantic activity. The kitchen is done except for an upper shelf and kickplates.

I bought some rough aromatic cedar which we planed, jointed, ripped and routed for a walk-in closet and coat closet for the mudroom. The walk-in closet is pretty much done but the coat closet will have to wait a bit. The benefit to using rough cedar is the thickness. Regular aromatic cedar that you buy pre-cut is barely 3/8" thick and won't withstand many sandings, our cedar is over 3/4" thick and should last a lifetime. Aromatic cedar is Eastern Red Cedar which only grows in the south, while regular cedar does smell it isn't "aromatic".

I designed bookshelves to create a wall separating the bedroom from the rest of the house. We cut the wood on Gene's big machine and we've been busy sanding and staining the shelves and uprights. Installation should happen tomorrow. I will take pictures, until then here are some pictures of the kitchen and closet, including a very pregnant Joanne.

So far as power goes we had mostly been breaking even but all of the extra work (sanding, sawing, vaccuuming) has been putting us into a deficit. Fortunately the insurance company came through and gave us the money to buy a new generator. This proved to be harder than expected since we got the money right after the big blackout so of course all of the good Honda generators in Southern Ontario were sold, but then Honda was diverting all shipments of new generators to the west coast to help fight the forest fires. Stores were telling us that they weren't expecting a shipment until late October at the earliest. But we got lucky and found one in Uxbridge and drove out there the same day.

Ideally we'd like to put four more solar panels on the roof but that's going to cost nearly $4K and I'm not sure that's in the cards right now.

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