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Joanne's brother-in-law Gene works at a company with a CNC routing machine and he graciously offered to help with the kitchen cabinets. This machine can take a 5x10 sheet of sheet stock (plywood, melamine, etc) and cut it to size according to plans programmed into the computer. It automatically drills all of the shelf and hinge holes as well as the holes for knock-down connectors and dowels (think Ikea, only much stronger). Gene programmed the kitchen according to my rough design. He also ordered us hinges, connectors, and drawer slides - and let me tell you these drawer slides are something else. They're made by a company called Blum (Austrian) and they are the Rolls-Royce of cabinet hardware. Smooth as silk and they automatically close themselves when they get to the last 3 inches of inbound travel. Sweet.

Dad and I had to make a jig to finish some of the drilling that the machine can't do but after two solid afternoons of work we have a pretty close to full working kitchen. We're just missing the hinges (on order) and one cabinet (we ran out of wood).

Joanne's favorite part is the large, tall pull-out pantry. Now we have to decide how to finish the wood. It's all Baltic birch plywood, but we're leaning towards a dark mahogany stain for the drawer and cupboard faces and Tung oil for the countertops. Tung oil is clear with a yellowish tinge.

Joanne has spent the day organizing the kitchen and has found, much to her amazement that she my actually have *gasp* too much storage space. But never fear, there are at least two more boxes of kitchen stuff at my parents.

Here are some pictures of the kitchen, and the cool machine.

Massive Update Part One: The BBQ

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The house is officially broken in, we have had our first party. Friends and family, city and country, everyone came out for an evening of house tours and BBQ. Special thanks go out to my Mom and Dad who helped us paint and clean to get ready, and to Phil who ably handled the BBQ.

Here are some pictures from the night.

The barn comes down

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We pulled the last part of the barn down today. It took quite a bit of doing. Despite its lean it was quite sturdy. We finally got the last section down by pulling with the bulldozer.

We've been held up a bit with our other stuff though. The septic system isn't going to be done until sometime next week -- if we're lucky. And we're picking up our kitchen cabinets on Tuesday.

Here's the barn pictures, plus some views of our new grading around the front of the house.

More trenching

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We got the trench filled in today. Tomorrow we start on the septic bed.

Here's the pictures.

I'm having a hard time deciding if the +31C (+38C with the humidex) right now is worse than the -20C (-30C with the windchill) we had six months ago. Of course there weren't any Deer flies out then...

I'm going into town tonight to see Tina's band play. They're called BobCajun - guess what kind of music they play. My feet are killing me though, I'll probably skip the dancing.

I'm still here...

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Sorry about the break there. Things got busy work wise and I loaned my camera out so I didn't even have any new pictures from around the house.

Eric has arrived though, and so big things are afoot. Eric is the excavator, he's going to be doing the final grading around the house, installing the septic bed, and right now, he's digging the trench for the wind generator cable. It's quite the trench. It's about 3 feet deep, 2 feet wide and runs 680 feet from the top of the back hill all the way down to the house. The trench is dug, and the wire's down in it, tomorrow we'll back fill the whole thing. First we dump in about half the dirt then run a line of trench tape down, the tape lets future diggers know that there's a buried cable in place and to beware. Then we fill the rest.

And Eric has just returned, so I have to go work. Here's the pictures from today and I'll post more tonight or tomorrow.

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